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There are around 170 vulnerable and dependant elderly people who will be affected by the Residential Care Home Closure and 30% of them will have shorter lives due to Transfer Trauma.

This will mean that probably 50 people will have their lives shortened unnecessarily - for what - 30 pieces of silver?

This is a known widely acknowledged fact and happens whenever elderly people are moved against their will, it in fact happened recently when a gas leak forced people to be moved to places where they didn't know even though they were told they would return.

The Council Officers have already told many of these people that they are to be moved but nobody knows where they are to go.

On top of this the residents are to be reassessed and perhaps sent to Sheltered Accommodation as there are no spare Extra Care places. If they are they will be put into "Pads" and left for 22 hours each day by themselves, a lonely and depressing existence.

They will be ripped away from their friends perhaps put into Nursing Homes but what type as there aren't that many Residential Home places. What are we condemning them to? Why are we allowing this?