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January 2011

The Second Consultation Meeting Held which was a summation of what the

Council Officers are to do.

The proposals are to either close down the Care Homes or to sell them off to the

Private Sector.

This of course is what they proposed in November 2009 - so nothing has changed

at all.

November 2010

November 8th

There is a Residents meeting at Caemaen on the 8th of November to bring the

Residents and their Families up to date with the current situation.

November 4th

The Second Consultation Meetings Put Back

The Second set of Consultation Meetings have been put back until the 12th and

13th of january 2011.

October 2010

October 12th and 13th

Consultation Meetings

As feared the Consultation meetings lived up to their reputation as being a way

that the Senior Council Officers tell everyone that they are closing the Care Homes

(as if we didn't know).

The 4 options offered don't hold water (see "Make up your mind") so we have

suggested some other ways that could actually work.

(We didn't suggest that we could keep the Homes open by getting rid of a few

Directors and using their salary to keep 36 people in their homes - although it was


Farcial Consultations to be Carried Regardless of Lack of Advocates for

the Vulnerable Elderly

On October 12th and 13th Council Officers are to tell Residents Staff and Residents

families the Options under Consultation. These 4 options all tell the same story -

"Close the Care Homes". Letters have been sent to the Council Officers from

the Unions and RACHC, families and residents decrying the lack of consultation.

September 2010

Town Counci Public Meeting to Discuss Care Home Closure

Over 200 people attended the meeting and it was obvious that the only people

at the meeting who wanted to close the Care Homes were the two Council


Having said this the Council Officers did not change their opinion and the

Consultation to close the homes is to start in October for only 60 days instead

of the normal standard 90 days.

Town Council call for Public Meeting to Discuss Care Home Closure

There is to be a Public Meeting called by the Town Council on 20th of

September at 18.00 in the Selwyn Samuel Centre, Lliedi Suite. All are

welcome to put their points of view to the Senior Council Officers, the

Town Councillors, Church Leaders, Nia Griffith MP, Helen-Mary Jones AM

and members of RACHC.

If you don't know already come and find out why your Care Homes are being

closed down.

August 2010

Caemaen Staff Request Apology from Councik Officers

The Council Officers continue toinsist that it is them that are protecting the

rights of the Residents and that the rooms at Caemaen are too small to use hoists.

Current staff are outraged that the implication that the Council Officers were

responsible for stopping mental stress to the residents.

As they have said this implies that they were indeed not looking after or caring

for their Clients which they strongly reject as from their point of view the

resdents were not affected badly by the BBC filming.

Ex staff have also criticised the Council Officers regarding the use of hoists in the

rooms at Caemaen. As they point out hoists have been used since the opening of

the Home to great effect.  

July 2010

Executive Board Minutes

Contrary to earlier reports the Executive Committee appear to have agreed the

Proposals from the Task and Finish Group - so we await clarification. Check out

the minutes from the Executive Board Meeting

Llanelli Town Council Call for Public Meeting to discuss Care Home Closure

The Llanelli Town Council has expressed its disgust at the methods used by

Carmarthenshire County Council Officers to deny the elderly residents at Caemaen

access to the BBC to express their concerns over the Care Home closures.

The Town Council has expressed its full support in keeping both St Pauls and

Caemaen Care Homes open. They have also unaminously declared that a Public

Meeting should be held in September to discuss the position that we find

ourselves in regarding these closures.

Executive Board "Cherry Pick" Task and Finish Recommendations

The Executive Board of Carmarthenshire County Council has blocked part of

the Report that the Task and Finish Group has spent 6 months preparing and


SCRUTINY COMMITTEE (24 Councillors).

The reasons stated by Kevin Madge are that he doesn't beleive that the WAG

can produce a report regarding the Provision of Care for the elderly in a timely

manner and that no other solutions have been put forward.

Recommendations have in fact been made to the Task and Finish Group by RACHC

but were not included in the Report.

It is interesting that the only part that has been blocked is the part regarding

the Care Homes in Llanelli - Why?

Task and Finish Final Report

The minutes of the Scrutiny Committee held on the 12th of July 2010 and

full and Final Report of the Tassk and Finish Group links are below:

Council Officer's Claims riduculed by Ex Staff

Sheila Porter has written in the Star that the rooms in Caemaen are too small.

and that hoists cannot be used safely. She is also stipulating that the home is

over 30 years old and implying that the residengts only stay on average 2 years

in the home.

All these points are false and ex staff are now ridiculing her statements inasmuch

that the hoists have been used in the rooms for over 11 years, the rooms are

equally sized, people stay there on average for 4 years and the home was purpose

built less than 30 years ago?

People keep asking when will she get her facts right?

BBC Program on Care Homes from the Residents View Point

Week In, Week Out, produced a program detailing the closures of the Care Homes in Carmarthenshire from the point of view of the residents. This program was extremely powerful and moving and has been well received by many in Wales -

see the facebook page. 

We would like to thank the BBC and especially Georgina Lee the Producer of the

programme for the kindness and patience shown by her to the Residents during the

making of the programme.

Task and Finish Meeting

The Task and Finish Group presented to the Scrutiny Meeting on the 12th of July. The recommendations were accepted and certain areas were emphasised in the report.

The main proviso was that any recommendations regarding either St Pauls or Caemaen was to be shelved until the WAG white paper regarding Provision of Care for the Elderly has been produced. This should be in October.

The Recommendations that two new homes should be built, one in Carmarthen and one in Ammanford. The two homes earmarked for closure in Carmarthen are to be kept open until the new home is completed.

Meeting of Task and Finish 12th July

There will be a Public Meeting where the Task & Finish Group will present their findings to the Scrutiny Committe on 12th of July at 10.00 in Carmarthen County Hall. Any one who is interested in attending the meeting can be taken there by bus which leaves from Llanelli Town Hall at 09.00. All are welcome!

The Task and Finish Group has made its Recommendations

The Task and Finish Group has finished its investigation and has made a number of recommendations. We would like to thank them for their hard work and for the time they have taken to listen to our views. The Link to the report is as follows:

Basic Points are to build new Homes for other areas, but not Llanelli but to hold decision on Llanelli closures until WAG review on Elderly Care is complete.

June 2010

Council Challenges impact of Care Closure on Residents

Carmarthenshire County Council Officers have poured scorn on the claims that

some of the Residents who will be moved could die through Transfer Trauma

.......please read the following links to find out the truth...

New Facebook Page Launched

RACHC now has a facebook page (Residents Against Care Home Closure) so please access it and get a discussion going!!!

Kent is thinking of closing its Care Homes too.

Follow this link to see that the English Councils are looking to close ALL their Care Homes - to save money - not give their citizens the security they need

Llanelli Town Hall is "Off Limits" to Public Meetings

Friday the 11th of June - 12.30 the Council informed RACHC that they could not hold a Public Meeting designed to inform about the progress of the Campaign to stop the closure of L.A. Care Homes for that evening at 18.00 - 5 and half hours later.

The reason given was that there was a double booking with a wedding at 17.30.....

As an aside it was stated that Public Meetings could no longer be held at Llanelli Town Hall.

(It was established that the Wedding was booked a full week after the Public Meeting....the Meeting itself was advetised for two weeks in the Local incompetent are the providers of Services in the County?)

BBC Banned from Filming Residents in Caemaen by Council Officers

Carmarthen County Council kindly allowed the BBC to film the Residents of Caemaen to show the residents lives as part of a blanced l;ook at the problems facing the Ciouncil regarding funding and Care Provision but decided not to allow them to film a meeting beween the residents and Gary Fitzgerald of "Action on Elder Abuse" who visited to explain to the Residents their Rights.

No reasons were given by the Council for the banning of the filming of the meeting or any further visitations by the BBC but in effect the Council is stopping the residents making their views public.

Visit to Plas Y Mor and Annedd

RACHC members have been allowed to visit both of these homes with the express permission of the County Council. Wonderful Homes with a mixed provision which we welcome - if only the Council would build homes like this for the Local Authority!! Please build more Care Homes.

Presentation to Task and Finish

Both the Llanelli and Carmarthen Branches of RACHC gave presentations to the Councilors of the Task and Finish Committee which were well received. "There was more information provided by RACHC than the Council Officers so far" said one of the Panel. If you would like to see soe of the information provided please see "Make Up your Own Mind" Section - Task an Finish Resume.

May 2010

Public Meeting set for June 11th

A Public Meeting to inform and discuss the issues raised at the Task and Finish Meeting and the areas of Respite Care and Bed Blocking. It is to be held at Llanelli Town Hall on June the 11th at 18.00.

Task and Finish Meeting set for June 7

RACHC members are meeting with the whole ofthe Task and Finish Group on June the 7th to present our case to the Council Members

Private Residential Care not Guaranteed

Freedom of Information Officer John Tillman has confirmed that Carmarthenshire Council do not buy all the Private Residential Care Places of the Homes they refer to. In fact other Councils and private individuals also have access to these places. This means that even now the Council cannot guarantee Residential Care places to our elderly outside of the Local Authority Care Homes that it plans to reduce. It sould be understood that there are no spare places currently in the Local Authority homes.

Leader of the Council makes Care Home Closure a Political Issue

Council Leader Meryl Gravel has told the Councillors that not to vote for the Closures of the Local Authority Homes is a political act that will halt the development of New Services like the Annedd Care Home. We agree that the new home is excellent and have already informed the Council Officers that if they commit to build more of these Homes to replace the ones they want to close we will support them and halt this campaign. Sadly there are no plans to build any Residential Care replacements in the future.

April 2010

Stepney Park Care Home in Pwll is to be re-opened privately, under the name of Cilymaenllwyd after a £200,000 refurbishment in the latter part of April bringing 41 bedrooms with a team of 30 Staff.

March 2010

Pilot Services Only

Extra Care

The New Services which are being quoted as "Replacement Services" for the Residential Care Homes are in fact only Pilot Services. "Extra Care" is not available in Sheltered Accommodation and out of 775 Residential Places Extra Care is only accessible for 38 people.

Night Service

The Night Service currently is helping 30 older people alone and has cost £255,000. There is no guaranteed call out time so someone who has fallen may lie there for ours at a time.

March 2010

Is Stepney Park Care Home in Pwll (formerly owned by Blanchwoth Care) to be refurbished?

March 2010

Llwyngwern Care Home at Llwynhendy, is to re-open after being sold to a private Care Provider (Consensus) by the Council to be used as a Respite Home for Swansea and Carmarthenshire. The Home previously run by the Local Authority has been extrended and refurbished - the number of Respite beds available for the residents of Carmarthenshire are not currently known but there will be 17 in all.

February 2010

Concerns over the loss of "Meals on Wheels Service to elderly in Carmarthenshire if Care Home kitchens close.

February 2010

Closure of all Luncheon Clubs run by Carmarthenshire County Council has

been anounced having been passed by the County Council at earlier

meetings. This lifeline to the elderly lonely providing warmth, food and

company (according to Council Minutes) is to shortly go - another loss of service to the elderly in the community.

February 2010

7 Residential Care Home Places Terminated at St Paul's

The specially built Respite Places in Llys Y Bryn have been moved to St Paul's which now means that the Respite Beds have taken over 7 Residential Care Beds in St Pauls so they can now offer only 13 Residential Care places.

February 2010

12 Residential Care Places Lost at LLys Y Bryn

12 Convalescence Places are to be installed at Llys Y Bryn replacing Respite and Residential Care Places

February 2010

County Council Refuses to reveal cost of Private Care contract with Allied for "commercial reasons".

January 2010

£200,000 of funding obtained from the Welsh Assembly Government for 19 Respite places for Carmarthenshire.....£60,000 allocated for 2 jobs to support the administration of these 19 places.

January 2010

American owned Allied Healthcare International Inc. (NASDAQ:AHCI - News) (AIM: AHI) ("Allied"), a leading provider of flexible healthcare staffing services in the United Kingdom, has secured a four-year contract with Carmarthenshire County Council in Wales. Under the new contracts, Allied has the opportunity to deliver up to 2,000 hours of home care services per week (104,000 hours per year) as a provider for Carmarthenshire, a county in West Wales with a population of almost 180,000. 

November 2009

County Council announces to Care Home Residents at Argel, Caemaen,

Catref Tawelan and St Pauls that their Homes are to close due to financial

constraints prior to any consultation being undertaken.


Canllaw move into Caemaen Day Centre.

Canllaw have moved their offices from Bynea into a central Llanelli location, namely Caemaen Care Home. Rooms previously allocated to serve the needy and vulnerable elderly in Llanelli have been taken to house the Administration of Canllaw .


Annedd and Glanmarlais care Homes to Close

These Care Homes are to close (dates yet to be finalised) with the loss of 49 Residential Places and a similar number of jobs despite Carmarthenshire County Council assurances that no jobs will be lost in the Local Authority Care Homes.