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The policy of providing many services to support people so that they can lead productive lives in their own homes rather than be placed in a Residential Home is something that we all would prefer and we as a group support.

However ignoring the fact that there will be a considerable number of people who do and will need "Dependant Care" is dangerous and shortsighted.

If someone cannot cook for themselves, make a cup of tea, or go to the toilet unaided because their mobility has failed them, they cannot be left on their own in Sheltered Accommodation or in Extra Care as they will end up in "Pads" all day waiting for someone to visit to bring them a drink or to be changed.

According to Council figures Carmarthenshire will by 2016 have a 24% increase in the amount of people who are over 65. This is a staggering 48,487 people over 65, included in these figures will be 18,508 people over 75.

These people are going to need some form of Care and "Dependant Care" is an area where investment must be made.

The Council are basing much of their Residential Care policy on other Council models that are now failing forcing these councils to make expensive changes to their policy moving away from relying on the Private Sector.

Rather than closing Residential Care Homes investment should be made in expanding Local Authority run homes and building new cost effective homes using the latest technology.