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This campaign is all about people, you, me, our fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and perhaps our children way past when we are gone......

The most important people at the moment are the ones that are there - happy in their homes - as long as they are allowed to stay there.......

We can tell you about some of them, the second world war fighter pilot, or the Scarlet supporter, or the mother of three boys, or the sister who is visited each day.

People like James who is 89, Annie who is 76, Lavendar who is 86 like June, then there is Fred, Gill and Morris who are 93 and then there is Marjorie who should get her telegram from the Queen this year and Mary who had hers 2 years ago.

There are 160 more people in the eve of their lives just wanting to be safe and warm amongst friends to have their company or their privacy if they want.

To be able to have a drink when they need it, not when it has been agreed days in advance, to go to the toilet when they need to and the chance to be taken out by their relatives and to feel loved by the people who look after them and become their friends.