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Carmarthenshire County Council has to save millions of pounds over the next few years as do most Councils in the United Kingdom.

So to provide Services economically the Care Provision of the Elderly has to be appraised. Of course as the Elderly have very little voice it is easy to cut their Services.

The Council estimate that by relocating the 175 Residents into Private run Homes will save them £770,000.

One thing that shouldn't be forgotten here is that there are 150 jobs at risk. The approximate saving by making these valuable people redundant will be some £2,300,000 - a considerable saving.

There are no other places for these people to go to - there are no new Homes being built at all - so sadly 150 families will be badly effected by this disaster.

So a £3,000,000 saving will be made but at what costs?

Simply but brutally put it will be at the cost of early deaths due to Transfer Trauma for around 30% of the Residents and the lost jobs.

Not only this but once these Council run Homes are closed and these places are lost to the community, from bitter experience we know that they will never be replaced.

We need these places for the future, for that army of people coming over the hill.