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So who is responsible for this? Who can get justice delivered to these people?

It is the responsibility of all of us to make sure that our Council Officers deliver the Services that we need - after all they are paid by us and supposed to do what we need to be done.

We do rely however on the people we elect to keep control of the Council Officers and ensure that they are not allowed to run away with their ideas.

They need to ensure that the Community is taken care of and sometimes this is not just about money but is also about a standard of life from cradle to grave.

So it is our County Councillors who control the way forward.

It is our County Councillors who can decide who lives and who dies.

It is our County Councillors who decide if the dependant elderly live in safety and comfort or if they are codemned to a lonely and institutionalised incontinent existence.

It is our Councillors who decide our future too, will we have anywhere to go or be condemned because of a lack of courage of our Councillors to vote against a flawed and failed policy?